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Lucky Healthcare Co., Ltd.


Lucky Healthcare Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Lucky Healthcare”), a subsidiary of China Lucky Group Corporation, was established on December 25, 1997. It is a modern and integrated enterprise whose business covers R&D, manufacture, marketing and sales. It is the largest manufacturer of black & white sensitive material and medical film in China.


  • Medical X-Ray Film KX123 (blue sensitive)

    The film is used for the examination of disease or abnormality of viscera, bone or soft tissue, provides reliable information for clinical diagnosis.The film has sensitive emulsion layers on both side of blue polyester base sheet

  • Medical Dry Film KX410

    Lucky Medical Dry Film (KX410) has image layer and protect layer on different side of blue polyester base sheet, and there is no sensitive silver halide in any layer.Digital image, which is processed and stored in computer,

  • Industrial X-ray Film L7

    Lucky industrial x-ray film L7 is designed in accordance with advanced standard. A series of new materials and technology are used from emulsion-making to coating. It is an ideal film for industrial non-destructive test (NDT) photographing.

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